The power station is located right below your lawn

Geothermal heat is energy of the sun stored below the surface of the earth, i.e. in the earth’s interior up to 10 metres of depth. Moreover, the GeoCollect Absorber System is able to generate energy from the so-called heat of crystallisation and from seepage water. Together, this already makes up a small power station located only 1 to 2 metres below the surface.

This is the unbeatable advantage of GeoCollect: instead having to carry out expensive drilling, as with other geothermal heat systems or requiring large surfaces, GeoCollect has developed a system able to absorb even small amounts of heat and which can be installed in a space-saving way. Compared to traditional surface collectors, the GeoCollect Absorber System requires up to 60 percent less space. And another advantage: As the GeoCollect System is limited to layers in low depths; all you need to do is notify the district authorities of the work. Time and money consuming approval procedures at the district and water management authorities are not required.

The GeoCollect System is easy to install and therefore perfectly suitable for the energy-related renovation of older buildings.