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This is the transition

Everybody’s talking about autonomy, but we’re the ones making it happen: their smart design allows GeoCollect absorbers to harvest a maximum amount of energy from soil as well as water – considerably more than the plastic pipes usually used for near-surface geothermal energy production do. The GeoCollect system heats and cools buildings of all kinds: new buildings and refurbishment projects; detached houses, industrial facilities and apartment buildings; sports facilities, greenhouses, leisure parks and municipal buildings. We help building owners, architects, planners and installers to configure and install the system. There is energy everywhere. The time has come to use it.


The advantages at a glance:

  • GeoCollect is universally usable.
  • GeoCollect makes use of infinite resources.
  • GeoCollect promotes the energy transition in heating.
  • GeoCollect is sustainable, cost-efficient and durable.
  • GeoCollect is sold, marketed and utilised worldwide.
  • GeoCollect knows neither price fluctuations nor shortages.
  • In terms of the climate crisis, GeoCollect is part of the solution and not part of the problem.

If you want to know about the other advantages which brine-water heat pumps such as the GC Absorber System have over air-water heat pumps, feel free to ask. We will be glad to answer your queries.


GeoCollect in statistics


GeoCollect was founded in 2012. The company headquarters are in Chemnitz.


We have installed an approximate total of 250,000 collectors since 2012.


We have realized about 5,000 projects in Germany since the company was founded.


Approx. 5,000 heat pumps have been connected up to now.


We have generated an average heat output of around 50 kWh per year.


Our systems have helped us to save around 10,000 t of CO2 each year.

Step by step to where we want to go


Excavation in trenches

If trenches have to be excavated, digging is performed with a trench width of 0.8 m, a laying distance of 0.7 m and a depth of 1.5 m.



Preassembly of the absorber strands

Each module is expertly preassembled to form a partial strand using a plastic welding unit.



Merging the partial strands

The preassembled absorber strands are laid out on the ground ready for installation. Five absorbers have been combined to form each partial strand here. They will ultimately be used to form a complete strand consisting of ten absorbers.


How does installation work?

Step by step to where we want to go

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