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Here’s who we are

GeoCollect GmbH

GeoCollect GmbH is a manufacturer of geothermal heat collectors based in Chemnitz / Germany. Our company helps architects, planners and heating installers to configure the system.

Their smart design allows the high-performance collectors to extract a maximum amount of energy from the ground – considerably more than the plastic pipes usually used for near-surface geothermal energy production do.

Our collectors are made from PP-R, a plastic which is 100% recyclable as well as being robust and easy to handle.

GeoCollect in statistics


GeoCollect was founded in 2012. The company headquarters are in Chemnitz.


We have installed an approximate total of 250,000 collectors since 2012.


We have realized about 5,000 projects in Germany since the company was founded.


Approx. 5,000 heat pumps have been connected up to now.

Approx.50 Mio

We have generated an average heat output of around 50 kWh per year


Our systems have helped to save around 10,000 t of CO2 per year.

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+49 371 33782475

Borssenanger 10
09113 Chemnitz